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Entertainmint is creating a DAO of Executive Advisory Token Holders and each and every single one of these experts is helping us helping us bring TV and streaming into web3! Our experts range from streaming to content creation to showrunning to gaming to the metaverse to web3 to NFTs and more!

We will only ever mint 250 of these token, and are giving out the first 50 --hurry! 35 are already assigned! Email gen@entertainmint.com and tell us why YOU should be included on our Executive Advisory team!

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Mark Achler bio and pictureDan Bettes bio and pictureAna Breton bio and pictureJason Brett bio and pictureVictoria Cheri bio and pictureMary Conroy bio and pictureTim Duffy bio and pictureAdam Fratto bio and pictureKarl Gadusek bio and picturePhilip Gilpin bio and pictureCarlo Gonzales Moss bio and pictureSeitu Hart bio and pictureKimmi Heath_Carrico bio and pictureKevin Herrera bio and pictureBrian King bio and pictureLoni Mahanta bio and pictureCoco Meers bio and pictureMichelle Miller bio and pictureGrace Ng bio and pictureSonja OHara bio and pictureChris Pfaff bio and pictureDaniel Polotsky bio and pictureTed Reilly bio and pictureJoseph Reth bio and pictureMike Rotman bio and pictureAnand Shah bio and pictureBrendan Sokler bio and pictureCaissie St Onge bio and pictureEvette Vargas bio and pictureMark Wheeler bio and picture

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